photo 150 challenge

by eddyizm

on January 6th 2021

I have been going through my photo archive recently and when I got to 2020, surprise, I had the least amount of photos of any year. Although not that big of a surprise considering the lockdown orders and other things happening this past year, it was disappointing and it got me thinking.

The first thought was getting my 90mm macro lens and mount it to my A7r, which I have never done and perhaps focus on detail macro shots, around the house and on our short walks in the neighborhood. All this, in an effort to add some creative outlet and inspire me to get over 10 years of previous photos processed off my local hard drives and online. Sort of a New Year's resolution, although I don't do those because they are dumb.

The next thing I know, my old viking friend Manfred, whom I met on a photography forum, drops me a note in discord saying I should join this new challenge, Photo 150

The challenge/project, from the site

The project is called: Photo 150 It is a combination of three open photo topics of your own choosing. Three sets of 50x things spread through the year. The idea is to create one new photo each week per topic throughout 2021. This is similar to a 365 and is about living photography. Take an adventure down a new photo avenue and/or trawl your archive.

Some examples for inspiration, but feel free to come up with other ideas that suit your plans better:

  • once a week post from the archive
  • once a week macro
  • once a week example of photo technique
  • once a week studio shot
  • once a week still life
  • once a week photo walk
  • once a week with just a prime
  • once a week with just a zoom
  • once a week blog post (not photo related, and just posted elsewhere, but linked in your thread)

I decided to join, post with old friends and share the results on this blog.

My three themes will be as follows:

  1. post from the archive (may try to stick with never published images as I have stuff since 2009 that never left my hard drive.)

  2. post a film/analog image (this is kinda cheating since it is also from the archive but I hope it will motivate me to process six rolls of film and scan a few others that have not been addressed)

  3. one new shot from a prime (55mm or 90mm macro)

Let's see how it goes!

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