Anime List

Anime List

by eddyizm

on January 18th 2022

So here's my anime list, or rather, my fave picks and recommendations, definitely not everything I've watched. Also my queue is below on things I am planning on watching. There's so much that I'm missing because I never put this together and hopefully all the things I've missed you guys can help flesh out recommendations!




Current Queue

  • Mob Psycho 100
  • Fullmetal Alchemist - Brotherhood
  • Tank Police Team TANK S.W.A.T.2006
  • Bersek.1997
  • Bersek.2016
  • Arcana.Famiglia.2012
  • Hellsing.Ultimate.2006
  • Ninja Scroll The Series.2003
  • Basilisk.2005
  • Afro.Samurai.Resurrection.2009
  • Ergo.Proxy 2006
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