Flat File Exporter

Flat File Exporter

by eddyizm

on December 26th 2021

A couple years ago I stumbled across a material theme package built for .net, specifically WPF and was immediately intrigued. Being a die hard WinForm user I decided it would be worth checking out WPF framework in order to play with the slick web looking package. At the time, and still now actually, I was writing a lot of exporting/importing data dump scripts with Python. I thought I could try and create a reusable script to save myself my time so I combined both projects since I was mostly using them via the command line. Figured this would let me try a decent looking GUI front end.

I still had to write an installer, lots of features missing, figure out licensing, how to implement updates, etc. So it sat, worked on it a bit, sat some more and had a few people try it out but never really released it. It's obviously BETA at best but should generally do the trick so I figured I'd just release it. Moved it to github to open source it with donations accepted if anyone is so inclined or needs some customization. If I get some feedback, here or in the bug tracker, I'm sure I'll get to updating it. The CLI works independantly and is more fully fleshed out than the GUI.

CLI can be automated and ran with a scheduler.

I may focus on the CLI or rip off the gui and plaster something else instead. I've not been impressed with WPF. Possibly not the right tool for this particular python backend.

Some features I'd like to add in the near future to make the it more useful.
  • Add more sql server drivers support.
  • Add MySQL and PostgreSQL support.
  • Add file naming in GUI.

Check out the README document and download the latest RELEASE .

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