Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict

by eddyizm

on February 24th 2020

I regularly get asked what podcasts I listen to and inparticular which technical podcasts I enjoy. Depending on whether I'm at work or at home, I may have some bookmarked, or not, and I end up having to look at my phone to recall the full list.

Trying to share that also becomes a pain in the ass because for some reason iPhone users only know iTunes, or rather, Apple Podcasts these days.

I decided I should start using this blog I built even as it is still a work in progress (see labor of love) as I teach myself more python and more django.

While digging through my phone I might as well plug my favorite podcast player, Podcast Addict

And here is my current list that I have gleaned so much insight and tips, in no particular order.

  1. Programming Throwdown - Very computer sciency. They cover different languages, pros and cons.
  2. Coding Blocks - These guys cover everything, whole books, design, etc. They are mostly .Net based but the stuff they cover is fundemental software engineering.
  3. Talk Python to Me - All python, all the time.
  4. Linux Unplugged - All linux, all the time.
  5. Coder Radio - The art and business of Software development.
  6. Software Engineering Radio - For profressional developers .
  7. Google Cloud Platform Podcast - Focused on GCP products, usages, challenges, etc.
  8. Security Now - 2 hours of security madness. Very good info.
  9. Merge Conflict - Generally focused on mobile and .net with tangents on machine learning and Apple.
  10. Ubuntu Podcast - Focused on Ubuntu OS and associated linux ecosystem.
  11. Command Line Heros - By Red Hat. Great historic podcast about how we got where we are at.
  12. SQL Data Partners - Database Administration focused.
  13. StackOverflow Podcast - Because we all need stack over flow.
  14. MS Dev Show - Microsoft Stack focused but a lot of userful information.
  15. ComputerPhile - Youtube channel with lots of CS topics. I pull these down and convert them to mp3, to load up on my phone to listen to.

Please feel free to add your favorite technical podcast in the comments below.

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