hanging out on top of Mt. Langley
hanging out on top of Mt. Langley

Eduardo Cervantes is a point and shoot photographer and all around wanker.
Eduardo Cervantes has the ability to show the world in a way that simultaneously irrational and logical.
His eyes are so powerful he can see through time, forwards, backwards and sideways.
His images will make you double over with thought–unless your head explodes first.
He normally doesn’t talk about himself in third person and really tries to not take himself too seriously.

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All photographs are printed on FujiFilm Fuji Color Crystal Archival Paper in a Lustre finish. Please contact me if you prefer another option. Selected prints on Bonanza.

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Sony Alpha a100 / a700, Minolta Maxxum 5, Kodak Duaflex II, Canon Demi Half Frame, Lumix LX7, Sony 16mm f2.8 Fisheye,  and lots more stuff that I will list later. I need new gear.

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