03 Motorcycle Disasters  – Time Wasters Club with eddyizm A nice round table this week with my old friend John, my apparent co-host Sean (he needs to work on the co-hosting side of it), and Sean’s nephew, Jerold, visiting from Albuquerque. Although this episode didn’t have a planned theme, the overall arch was definitely Jerold’s harrowing… Read more »


#02 “Cut the humans” – Time Wasters Club with eddyizm. Week two seemed even harder than week one. I was lucky to be joined by Aaron and Sean this week. We talk about saving the planet, women’s college volleyball and debut a new track by The Politics of Failure (youtube) (soundcloud).  Lesson of the week, probably… Read more »


First episode of Time Wasters Club with eddyizm. Special first guests Henry  and Sean . We discuss what is “Too Much”, motorcycles (boring), diabetes, consumerism and technology. Fun first effort! Subscribe on iTunes by clicking here. I will be submitting  stitcher but for now you can manually subscribe with this feed here : http://feeds.feedburner.com/TimeWastersClubWithEddyizm/ Instructions on… Read more »