13 Upward Spiral – Time Wasters Club with eddyizm One of my most loyal listeners and good friend, Lenabear, finally made a trip to joshua tree for the first time and joined Ironbetic and myself on the podcast. This week, we seemed to dwell  on the power within, the spiral or wind, the energy that we… Read more »


12 FriendsGiving – Time Wasters Club with eddyizm A small group of close friends of mine decided to throw a second thanksgiving at my friend’s apartment, play some music, and get our swerve on. Well maybe just me. I definitely had plenty of wine to lube up the creative flow. I was in full asshole mode… Read more »


11 Paper cups – Time Wasters Club with eddyizm This week I bring on a new guest and good friend, Selvam. Originally from south India I try to incite a fight between him and my north Indian friend but it turns out I can’t make two hindis fight each other. I think I like this… Read more »


10. Fanatic – Time Wasters Club with eddyizm This week was the worst quality recording YET! I tried to record while driving out to joshua tree with me in the backseat which sounded like a good idea after the successful recording at the airport recently. I used the cardiod mode and airport, as loud as it… Read more »


09 Land Of Enchantment  – Time Wasters Club with eddyizm I went to visit good friends in Albuquerque, New Mexico this week. Got to enjoy a 40th birthday party and had time to squeeze in a episode with Ben and Nina in between green chili smothered breakfast burritos from Flying Star. Plenty of wine, beer, and… Read more »


08 F-Bomb  – Time Wasters Club with eddyizm I keep telling myself that drinking too much is a bad idea, particularly when doing a podcast, but I just can’t seem to abide. When I have new people I don’t know very well or even if I do, I want to celebrate life with them and get… Read more »


07 Olga The Adventurer   – Time Wasters Club with eddyizm A short episode this week recorded at San Jose airport with Olga the adventurer, on of course, an adventure. It ended up being a very interesting conversation about her travel adventures, childhood in mother russia, my birthday and the tundra. Once I figure out how to… Read more »


06 Starbucks  – Time Wasters Club with eddyizm A good catch up with my old friend Eric, discussing our love for the word ‘cunt’, weight loss, and running. He is a type II diabetic (why do I know so many diabetics?) who kicked his life in high gear and got off all his medication. I… Read more »


05 – Nothing – Time Wasters Club with eddyizm “If you talk about nothing, you talk about everything” ~ Karma less. Another first this week with no alcohol involved and also the first time with two of us on TWC. It seems like we got to get a little deeper with only two of us…. Read more »


04 – Complete Strangers Well, not complete strangers. A sort of stranger and a work acquaintance. Considering the completely unscripted and unpredictable nature of this session along with no real topics or idea of where to go, I would say this turned out quite well. Of course it did help that we had some shared… Read more »