Lomography RedScale ISO100 35mm

Death Valley National Park, Ca
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Minolta Maxxum 5 / Minolta f/4 28-135
Lomography RedScale 100 film (reverse loaded)

Photography of Eduardo Cervantes
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  1. What’s the film that Lomography uses to make their redscale film? I understand it’s standard film loaded backwards. Have you made your own?

    1. I’m not sure which one they use, I think my buddy knows. However, they don’t have any for sale anymore, at least not in 35mm. I think all they have left is 120mm. I have not made my own but you are correct, you can make your own. Just need a dark bag. I think they used iso 400 so that when you shoot it at 100, the extra exposure helps get light past the backing, which is what adds that red hue. But you can shoot it at different ISO and get varying results. I am going to order some from the film photography podcast store. I really liked it and was bummed lomography sold out.

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