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A small group of close friends of mine decided to throw a second thanksgiving at my friend’s apartment, play some music, and get our swerve on. Well maybe just me. I definitely had plenty of wine to lube up the creative flow. I was in full asshole mode (drunk)
so that helped bring the conversation to the N-word which we always know what the fuck it is and we all read it in our head. A lively discussion about the use of it, things I can beat Sean at, some trash talking about friends who didn’t make it or didn’t get invited and our thanksgiving experiences that we had just experienced. There was discussion about friendship, heartbreak, and all the other things you talk about when you are drunk. I also forgot that Tiff came on and started to remind me about all my swerving excursions. Oh my. #YOLO

Lesson of the week – The real problem is the institutionalized racism built into our society. That’s the fucking problem.

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