I’ve been playing guitar for over 20 years and recording it for nearly as long. I since taught myself how to play the drums and a little bass. I will store an archive here of previous recordings and sessions along with new projects with new friends. The most current projects are on top.

MKEY – Michael – bass, Kenny – drums, Eddyizm – guitar, Evon on violin.
03 Fullerton Jam  Check out more!

The Politics of Failure – Max Hurts – bass, Eddyizm – drums.
The Sermon – Check out more!

I’m starting to record my practice sessions direct to the pc –
02 – project b – Check out more!

Duo Sessions with Kenny and I (I am overdubbing second and third guitars sometimes)  Check out more!

Sidewalk Man (Robert Ruiz) – Drums, Eddyizm – guitar

10 – IHTWAEII – Written by Robert Ruiz – Check out more!

Those Guys  / Sidewalk Man (Robert Ruiz) – Drums, Eddyizm – guitar, Louie – Bass

Fetticini – Written by Eddyizm  Check out more!


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