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Firing #3 was a success with several new glaze combinations. Select pieces can be found on my etsy shop. Sign up for my mailing list to be notified of listings or contact me to see if a piece is still available. flickr | prints | blurb | instagram | facebook | soundcloud | youtube | etsy


A beautiful day in Red Rocks, Las Vegas, Nevada. Photography of Eduardo Cervantes flickr | blurb | instagram | facebook | soundcloud | youtube | etsy


New Mexico State Penitentiary, the site of gruesome riots. It was a ice cold day and visiting and walking around it was one of the most creepy and haunted feelings I’ve ever experienced. From wiki – In 1980, Cell Block 4, “the main unit”, was the scene of one of the most violent prison riots in… Read more »


San Gabriel Mountains Photography of Eduardo Cervantes flickr | prints | blurb | instagram | facebook | soundcloud | youtube | etsy

Microsoft to acquire Xamarin and empower more developers to build apps on any device – The Official Microsoft Blog

What is this?!?!?! As the role of mobile devices in people’s lives expands even further, mobile app developers have become a driving force for software innovation. At Microsoft, we are working to enable even greater developer opportunity and innovation by providing the best experiences to all developers, on any device, with powerful tools, an open platform… Read more »


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December Days at Joshua Tree National Park, Ca Lumix LX7 flickr | prints | blurb | instagram | twitter | google+ | soundcloud | youtube


I parked my car and walked to the middle of the bridge as semi’s came roaring over it, vibrating and shaking everything around you. It was pretty intense. Taos River Gorge, New Mexico Photography of Eduardo Cervantes flickr | prints | blurb | instagram | facebook | soundcloud | youtube


Ice cold sub zero temps and white out blizzard conditions while snowmobiling in Yellowstone National Park made for quite an adventure, let me tell you. Quite the adventure! Photography of Eduardo Cervantes flickr | prints | blurb | instagram | facebook | soundcloud | youtube