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Our last recorded session. Can’t get over how good this USB mic sounds. Recorded with a blu snowball mic and edited with Audacity. Download all 5 tracks here. tracks 1,2 bass – max hurts, drums – eddyizm  || tracks  2-5 drums – aaron, guitar – eddyizm    


One great track from our warm up session. WarmUP.TPOF_10.2.2015 :  guitar- eddyizm, drums – max hurts more tracks –  


It was mostly a wash but we salvaged some little nugs. This is also what It sounds like when I’m on the bass. more tracks – BridgeTown Manipulation Funk :  bass – eddyizm, drums – max hurts A freestyle riff mixed with an old riff of mine :  bass – eddyizm, drums – max hurts… Read more »


This weekend we recorded a #lowfi session on a pawn shop #tascam MF-P01 #portastudio that aaron has been using along with a 20 year old no name mic I’ve had that has the deepest, warmest analog sound ever. I’ll post tracks to my soundcloud and website. #eddyizm #oldskool #analog #analouge#thisiscalledacassettechildren bass – max hurts, drums… Read more »