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Indie/Goth Ghost Noise performing at the Night Owl in Fullerton with Post Life Photography of Eduardo Cervantes flickr | prints | blurb | instagram | facebook | soundcloud | youtube

Hey Big Bang

“All I want to do is feel, But sometimes I feel too much. All I want to do is love, But sometimes I love too much. Do you wonder why somedays I say those things I say,  it’s you, and you wonder why, oh why, would I act this way, it’s you.” Hey Big Bang… Read more »

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A fruitful afternoon swimming through a pool of snakes (audio cables) and other assorted junk. We used Kenny’s Zoom H4N MultiTrack to lay down 2 live tracks, panning the drums left and the guitar right and mixing back to stereo using Audacity. Here’s a few tracks which I will be adding the video recorded and… Read more »

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UPDATE: Added 2 guitar tracks to fill out the song and edited most of it. Thought I’d share it here since I’m running out of space on my free soundcloud account. Check out the jam page for more.  Track 08 – I switched up and picked up the bass. We got a pretty good sound… Read more »

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Shot with the Polaroid Cube. Check out more of my music. Photography of Eduardo Cervantes flickr | prints | blurb | instagram | twitter | google+ | soundcloud | youtube

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00000 -A7R video test – YouTube

Please skip the 1st minute or so. I still have to figure out how to edit these .MTS files so I can trim/splice and just edit them. I may need to convert to another format. Any ideas?

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Track 08 – I switched up and picked up the bass. We got a pretty good sound off a small amp and I played around a bit with the EQ as the kick was a little flat. I like this one so much that I may go back and lay down a guitar track on… Read more »

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On the Hillside – Chosen Few Children

Added a page to archive all the CFC stuff recorded over several years. Here’s a studio rehearsal track. Check out the archive for more tracks. I’ll be making downloads available soon as well.   05 – on the hillside / eddyizm – rhythm guitar, simpko – lead guitar