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I recorded this last year and never posted it. This was me testing my new snowball mic to see how it picked up my Fender acoustic. This mic continues to blow me away with the quality! For more solo tracks > – eddyizm solo tracks


Our last recorded session. Can’t get over how good this USB mic sounds. Recorded with a blu snowball mic and edited with Audacity. Download all 5 tracks here. tracks 1,2 bass – max hurts, drums – eddyizm  || tracks  2-5 drums – aaron, guitar – eddyizm    


A session that has grown on me. MKEY- Michael – bass, Kenny – drums, Eddyizm – guitar, Evon on violin. Listen to more tracks. 03.08.2015 – download whole session 01.MKEY_FullertonJam.03.08.2015 02.MKEY_FullertonJam.03.08.2015 03.MKEY_FullertonJam.03.08.2015 04.MKEY_FullertonJam.03.08.215 05.MKEY_FullertonJam.03.08.2015 06.MKEY_FullertonJam.03.08.2015 07.MKEY_FullertonJam.03.08.2015 02.MKEY_FullertonJam.03.08.215  


One great track from our warm up session. WarmUP.TPOF_10.2.2015 :  guitar- eddyizm, drums – max hurts more tracks –  


It was mostly a wash but we salvaged some little nugs. This is also what It sounds like when I’m on the bass. more tracks – BridgeTown Manipulation Funk :  bass – eddyizm, drums – max hurts A freestyle riff mixed with an old riff of mine :  bass – eddyizm, drums – max hurts… Read more »


This weekend we recorded a #lowfi session on a pawn shop #tascam MF-P01 #portastudio that aaron has been using along with a 20 year old no name mic I’ve had that has the deepest, warmest analog sound ever. I’ll post tracks to my soundcloud and website. #eddyizm #oldskool #analog #analouge#thisiscalledacassettechildren bass – max hurts, drums… Read more »


Indie/Goth Ghost Noise performing at the Night Owl in Fullerton with Post Life Photography of Eduardo Cervantes flickr | prints | blurb | instagram | facebook | soundcloud | youtube

Hey Big Bang

“All I want to do is feel, But sometimes I feel too much. All I want to do is love, But sometimes I love too much. Do you wonder why somedays I say those things I say,  it’s you, and you wonder why, oh why, would I act this way, it’s you.” Hey Big Bang… Read more »

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A fruitful afternoon swimming through a pool of snakes (audio cables) and other assorted junk. We used Kenny’s Zoom H4N MultiTrack to lay down 2 live tracks, panning the drums left and the guitar right and mixing back to stereo using Audacity. Here’s a few tracks which I will be adding the video recorded and… Read more »

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UPDATE: Added 2 guitar tracks to fill out the song and edited most of it. Thought I’d share it here since I’m running out of space on my free soundcloud account. Check out the jam page for more.  Track 08 – I switched up and picked up the bass. We got a pretty good sound… Read more »