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Microsoft to acquire Xamarin and empower more developers to build apps on any device – The Official Microsoft Blog

What is this?!?!?! As the role of mobile devices in people’s lives expands even further, mobile app developers have become a driving force for software innovation. At Microsoft, we are working to enable even greater developer opportunity and innovation by providing the best experiences to all developers, on any device, with powerful tools, an open platform… Read more »

Download, Upload,Delete Files from FTP Server Using C# | Cybarlab

A useful snippet and examples broken down for easy digestion and usefulness in complex real world examples. FTP is a file transfer protocol. We can use it in different ways. Lot of third party software or tools (WinSCP, FireFTP, FileZilla etc) are available for that. Source: Download, Upload,Delete Files from FTP Server Using C# | Cybarlab

Beautify Your Management Studio (2005/2008) » Jim McLeod

I love dark themes. Even though this doesn’t match my visual studio 2013 dark theme, it’s still pretty sweet. I’m normally not a fan of messing with Management Studio’s default configuration unless I’m going to be using that version for a long, sustained period Source: Beautify Your Management Studio (2005/2008) » Jim McLeod


Interesting new features in VS2015 including a stand alone Android Emulator. Helping software development teams plan, manage, track, design, develop, debug, profile, and test applications with Visual Studio more successfully.

Need a Custom Report Template in SSRS? —

Great article that shows how to create a template, pull it out and add it to your Business Intelligence Development Studio ( also known as BIDS) and SQL Server 2005, 2008, and 2012. Creating a Custom Report Template in SSRS — Contact me if you need some custom templates for your company!   

Programming Throwdown

I’ve stumbled across this great podcast. For anyone interested in programming, coding, and wanting to expand their horizons. Programming Throwdown.